August 21, 2012

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If you are looking for Qigong Videos and wish to learn Qigong online, safely and sensibly, with a no nonsense easy to follow approach then you’re in the right place!

Qigong instructor Cheyne Towers clearly presents this extensive home study resource, with down-to-earth and inspirational insights from over 30 years experience in Qigong practice.

To access four hours of detailed instruction in both standing and seated Qigong exercises, please subscribe by clicking the button below:


The subscription costs just £10 for 30 days of full access to the extensive selection of Qigong video instruction, covering both standing and seated Qigong practice.

(Please note this is a rolling subscription, so if you wish to cancel your subscription you must do so via Paypal, or contact me directly requesting cancellation from the end of your current 30 days of membership)

Now anyone can safely learn Qigong online!

A personal message from Cheyne Towers

The wide range of Qigong exercise videos which are available in the members area are being provided in response to the wonderful feedback I’ve received from people around the world to a video entitled Three Simple Qigong Exercises with Cheyne Towers, which was filmed and edited by my good friend Richard Coldman.

The clip was uploaded to Youtube, and we left it there with no desire to promote ourselves or the clip, yet it has proven to be extremely popular, and is still steadily increasing it’s number of views week by week.

As a result of the popularity of this video, people from around the world have been emailing me asking to see more Simple Qigong Exercises, and have expressed a genuine desire to learn Qigong online, so I have decided to develop and dedicate this part of my website to online Qi Gong tuition.

Here you can access detailed instruction in a wide variety of individual Qigong exercises, which once learned then seamlessly link together to form a number of fluid sequences of therapeutic and meditative Qigong.

Both seated and standing Qigong sequences are broken down into individual videos explaining each exercise in detail, along with a selection of supplementary Qigong exercise videos dealing with the principles of correct  practice.

The seated Qigong exercises presented in the Members Area are both invigorating and deeply soothing, and have been developed through my ongoing work helping clients with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and the elderly, and are ideally suited for people facing mobility challenges.

To get a taste of the videos available, please see the free videos by clicking here.

If you have any feedback or questions, you can contact me via the contact form at the bottom of my welcome page via this link… Click Here.

Wishing you a Fun, Healthy and Happy Qigong practice!

Cheyne Towers


(Important disclaimer notice – Whilst the exercises presented in the Simple Qigong Exercises videos are wonderfully gentle and can be very therapeutic for the body, mind and emotional well-being of the practitioner, no claim is made with regards to the healing of illness or disease. They are in no way meant as a substitute for any medical treatment you may be taking for any specific conditions.

The information found within this site is for general information only and should not be treated as a substitute for advice from your own doctor. The exercises and other advice described are not suitable for everyone.

You should not begin any exercise routine without first consulting a qualified health practitioner particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, elderly, or if you have any chronic or recurring conditions. Any application of exercises suggested is at the individual’s sole discretion and risk.

By choosing to attempt any of these Simple Qigong Exercises you agree that you have read and fully understood this disclaimer, and that Cheyne Towers accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or injuries caused directly or indirectly through the performing of any exercises given within this website, or associated material produced by Cheyne Towers)




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